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Liena Natural Latex Peanut Pillow

Product Details

This 100% natural latex peanut pillow is produced by a specially designed mould to ensure consistent firmness and comfort to side sleepers.

Supports your head and neck perfectly based on its waved shape along the head and shoulder.

The supportive nature of latex and its ability to relieve pressure point discomfort are two significant benefits to choosing a natural and organic latex pillow or mattress. Natural latex is dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant.



Advantages of Natural Latex

Comfort – Pain reduction and pain prevention is commonly reported by people who own natural latex beds. They have stated that their latex mattresses relieve pressure points and also prevent or reduce other pain they have experienced, including lower back pain. Because latex is a resilient material, it is able to support sleepers with placing excess pressure on hips and shoulders, and contours just enough to support proper alignment.

LongevityLatex material proves highly durable. Natural latex tend to outlast other materials by anywhere from 2 to 7 years, on average providing comfort for 10-12 years. Though very durable, latex is also biodegradable.

No Smells – Limited to no off-gassing is a key benefit for people sensitive to smells. No Chemical Odors.

No Disturbances – Motion isolation is a quality associated with natural latex. Motion isolation means that when one partner rolls over or tosses and turns, movement on the other side of the bed is barely noticeable. This makes for a much more pleasant sleeping experience with fewer disturbances. This is a big advantage compared to spring mattresses and water beds which tend to transfer motion from side to side.

Healthy – One of the biggest “selling points” of natural latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. Nearly all other mattress types utilise adhesives and petroleum based foams that continue to release toxic chemicals into the air as they age, contributing pollution indoors and out. Beds that are Oeko-Tex 100 standard-certified, Green Guard certified or Eco-Institut certified are tested to ensure that harmful toxins are not found in the end product.

Latex is naturally fire resistant. Other types of mattresses have many different chemicals added to them during manufacturing to increase their resistance to fire. Many of these chemicals are associated with adverse health effects including cancer, immunotoxicity and reproductive toxicity. The natural resistance to fire latex exhibits allows manufacturers to use far fewer, or no toxic flame retardants.

Hypoallergenic – People are also happy with natural latex for its hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant qualities. This composition is also antibacterial, anti-fungal, and resistant to mold and mildew. Many fungi and yeasts are domestic allergens. Bedding can be hospitable environments for these unwelcome intruders, and latex helps keep them at bay naturally.

Environmentally Friendly – Another advantage for natural latex is being truly eco-friendly, a significant reason for latex’s popularity. The raw materials are harvested from plantations using a method that allows the trees to live and grow while tapped. This means the trees do not have to be cut down for harvesting. Rubber trees can be tapped for as long as 30 years, while converting CO2 to breathable oxygen, purifying the air and water the whole time.

Natural latex mattresses require only a handful of chemicals to create, none of which are significant sources of pollution or concern. Derived from natural substances, latex is also a biodegradable and highly durable material, two factors that reduce consumption and waste.



24cm x 32cm – NLHSVPPN23

40cm x 56cm – NLHSVPPN45

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