Tarron Newman

Initially Tarron was based in the corporate communications department of CFA working in media, design and public education. It was during this time that he began working in the field after hours, as part of a team that delivered the first series of bushfire street meetings around the Victorian Dandenong Ranges in the late ’90’s.

Tarron’s focus then turned to state coordination of agency emergencies, as he undertook the role of co-managing CFA’s state emergency coordination centre. In this role, Tarron was involved in some of Victoria’s largest bushfire emergencies during 2002-03 and again in 2006 alpine fires.

In his final year at CFA, Tarron took on the position to lead the liaison between CFA and the Victorian Squadron of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, to create the first Coast Guard Fire Brigades within CFA. This position allowed Tarron to work closely in the marine environment and practice emergency management within marine search and rescue.

After 10 years of employment with emergency services, Tarron left to take on a new challenge in motor sport. As a senior manager for the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), Tarron commenced the transition of the business from a paper based licensing and events management system to an online environment.

While with CAMS, Tarron spent a significant amount of time based in Western Australia and New South Wales overseeing the transition of state based management arrangements to a new Regional based approach. He was also involved with both the Australian and Singapore Grand Prix’s facilitating the management and logistics of Volunteer Officials.

After a few years away from emergency management, Tarron returned in 2010 to take up a position at Parks Victoria to manage the agencies operational Business Continuity arrangements. In May 2011, Tarron transitioned out of Parks Victoria to commence working for his own group of companies, including RIPE Intelligence, with long term friend and colleague Luke Corbett.