Corporate Social Responsibility

AZISAFE is a private corporation with a social focus.

AZISAFE’S aim is to improve safety and reduce risk in the communities we operate in. It is extremely important to us that we support national and international initiatives that aim to positively contribute to environmental, social, professional and community projects.

In our daily activities AZISAFE aims to provide quality cost effective safety solutions, ensuring availability of our products and services to all those who need them. AZISAFE regularly engages in the provision of free training and services to those who can’t afford it but need it most.

AZISAFE regularly engages in community activities and supports projects that encourage sustainable practice, health & safety, poverty reduction and the protection of human rights. These activities and projects, along with a dedicated sponsorship program, allow AZISAFE to support causes that are aligned with our corporate values.

AZISAFE encourages and supports our team members in engaging personally with community causes.


AZISAFE Current Projects:

Cambodian Fire and Emergency Responders Working Group

This working group is a new body that has been formed to bring together emergency responders from numerous private industries and government departments to ensure an understanding of each others rolls, and efficient and effect response.

In recent years the Cambodian Government has called on private industry to assist in protecting the community against fire, by investing in firefighting equipment and training. These private organisations now regularly respond to support their communities in times of need and work with the government agencies.

AZISAFE hopes to ensure that all responders work together safely and effectively and by meeting regularly, training together, and sharing ideas and experiences can help each other to develop and provide better services to the Cambodian Community. It is hoped that in time more formal procedures and agreements can come out of this cooperation, as well as standardisation of equipment and techniques.


Cambodian Building and Fire Federation

AZISAFE was a founding member and driver in the initial development of a fire protection association in Cambodia. This association has now merged with some other working groups to become part of the Cambodian Building and Fire Federation which aims to work with both Government and the private sector to develop building and fire codes for Cambodia.

The Federation aims to work with Government on the legislation development, while also developing temporary standards for medium term implentation by its members and other interested parties in Cambodia.


AFIRE – Australian Firefighters International Relief and Education

AFIRE a not-for-profit organisation assisting fire services in developing countries such as Cambodia, where they have been working for almost the past 10 years to develop the capacity and knowledge of the local fire services.

AFIRE and AZISAFE are partnering together in 2015 to develop Community Fire Teams within local villages and communes, developing specialist equipment and sustainable training and services systems to ensure local communities can be self sufficient in protecting themselves against fire.


Cambodian Eagles Football Club

The Cambodian Eagles are a sporting club in Cambodia using Australian Rules Football to encourage health & fitness with both the expat and local community. AZISAFE has ben a sponsor of the Cambodian Eagles since 2012.


Ethical & Integral Approach

AZISAFE’S market leading reputation exists simply because our ethics and integrity are uncompromising. Clients come to AZISAFE because they know they can trust us at all times.


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AZISAFE is a privately owned and operated company. We are non-political, non-religious and have corporate independence allowing us to provide professional solutions that are unbiased and in-line with our “client first’ principles.


Equal Opportuity Employer

AZISAFE is committed to building a diverse workforce through fair and equitable employment practices. AZISAFE encourages people of any race, color, age, sex, marital status, or political ideology, to apply for employment.