About Us

AziSafe Co Ltd. (AziSafe) is based in Southeast Asia and specialises in providing solutions in the safety and security field. We have worked with corporates, governments and non-profit sectors throughout the region.

Emerging markets in developing countries can present fantastic business opportunities for your organisation. A reality in Southeast Asia’s often opaque and unpredictable environment is that you are continually presented with complex and challenging areas of risk that can cause damage to your bottom line or your mission. AziSafe has developed a full service management company that can identify and offer solutions for the challenges that your organisation faces in this unique environment.

Recognising the need for safety and security solutions tailored to the SEA market – AziSafe has formed 6 divisions. All our divisions have leading experts in their field and offer solutions and products that have a positive impact on your bottom-line. This structure makes AziSafe your one- stop shop for safety and security solutions in Asia.


The unique structure of AziSafe makes it possible for us to give you a holistic view of potential hazards for your organisation while also offering you direct access to the latest solutions. Whether you are in need of a full risk audit for your organisation or fire safety equipment for your new office – or perhaps you are unsure where to start: Azisafe has the expertise, the products and the experience to create an environment for your business and organisation to be successful. Feel free to contact us today and let us know about your organisation.

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